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How to create an all-in-one MENU?



My project is a 3-act stage play in My DVD 9.


What I want is, when the user puts the DVD into their player, to get a menu with the options all appearing at once:

- Play All

- Act I

- Act II

- Act III


How do I do this?


At the moment, MyDVD only allows me to create a menu & submenu. It displays the name of the production. When you click that, it goes into the submenu where you can then see the 4 options listed above. I don’t want that. I want users to have the 4 options straight away, without having to go through a menu to a submenu. If I delete the highest menu in the hierarchy, it just deletes my movie.


I have marked the beginning of each Act as a chapter.

The sequence of my production if played in full is:

Opening titles > Introduction by the Director > Act I > Act II > Act III with End Credits.


What I want, in more detail, is this:

All 4 buttons to appear on the one menu as soon as the DVD is popped into your player.

Button a: “Play All” – to play from Opening titles to End Credits.

Button b: “Act I” – to jump to Act 1

Button c: “Act II” – to jump to Act 2

Button d: “Act III” – to jump to Act 3


I have a feeling that it may not be possible to have all the menu options at the same level & that the nearest which can be done in MyDVD 9 is as shown here:


If I follow the above suggestion, am I doubling the movie size by copying & pasting the original movie in the menu & degrading the resulting image quality?




My Specs:

My DVD 9 (purchased a couple of weeks ago)

Dell Dimension 8400

Windows XP Home Edition, SP 2

Processor: 3 GHz Intel Pentium 4

Drives: 160Gb Usable Hard Drive Capacity

61.76 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

Memory: 1024 Megabytes Installed Memory

Display: RADEON X300/X550 Series

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Actually , this has been covered so many times you can easily find mutliple hits if you just do a search on the forum for 'play all'. It's beyond me why so many build menus like this. Commercial DVDs ALWAYS have submenus when choosing 'scenes' or portions of a movie.

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