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Does anyone know how, using EMC 9 to copy pics from the internet and pasteing them to label creator. I've used EMC 7 with no problem but now when I go to the internet find the pic I want right click copy switch to label creator click paste nothing happens.

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Two possibilities, in both cases you need to save the pic to your hard drive, then in Label creator browse to the file and insert it.


1. To insert pic in the content illustration box provided. Double click where it says 'double click here to insert an image'. That opens a box with a browse button, so you can navigate to where the picture file is and insert it. If the box with 'double click here to insert an image' is not showing, click Show/Hide smart objects, check content illustration box, click OK. You can resize/move the box. You can also add additional ones (right click, copy then edit menu, paste).


2. To fill the whole background area with a picture, right click on the background, click edit background (or tools menu, edit layout background). Again, a box opens that allows you to browse to the pic and insert it.You may also need to adjust the transparency of the style background.

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