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9 messed up 6!

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Why can't I use Creator 6 to burn a DVD?


I have a 2 1/2 hour video that I downloaded from RapidShare. I joined the files with HJSplit and got a RealPlayer .avi video. I tried without success to burn it to DVD using DVD builder.


So I downloaded a trial version of Easy Media Creator 9 Suite and tried using Disc Copier - it didn't work. I tried DVD Express - it spent 6 hours "encoding" and I could see the video on the little screen, but I still got no DVD. It finished at 100% but the DVD was blank. Was there something else I should :( have done?


And even if it had worked, should it take so long?


Even worse, now my other copiers - Creator 6 and Easy DVD Copy - aren't working either! I try to copy DVDs I have copied in the past and get "Cannot write medium. The recordable speed of this medium is not compatible with the capabilities of the recorder. Unit not ready."


I urgently need a DVD copier. Should I remove Creator 9 to use the other two, or remove Creator 6 and DVD Copier in order to use Creator 9? (Forgive the newbie dumbness!)

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This is going to be messy…


A DVD holds about 1 hour at best quality. Trying to pack 2 1/2 hours onto one cannot be done with V6! The limits of V6 are:


60 minutes at Low Compression, Est Project Size 3.385gb

95 minutes at High Compression, Est Project Size 3.354gb


That's it, no workarounds!


V7 & V8 are limited to a maximum of 2 hours for any single Title or combination of multiple Titles.


V9 can do this but the resulting video will be badly degraded. This may be acceptable to some users.


The problems you are having are compounded by unknown source quality (RapidShare) and another program (HJSplit). Don't know what you mean by RealPlayer as it has a proprietary format, .ra, that nobody else can use…


I would suggest you uninstall both V6 & V9 Trial. Run Roxizap, here, at least 2 times, rebooting between runs.


Check Device Manager for any errors for your burner, then install V6.


You should be able to split the movie in V6 and save each portion as a single Project. Then you can burn it onto 2 discs using High Compression.

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Thanks for the help. Turns out that V9 CAN copy a DVD - I must have been doing it wrong.


A friend was able to burn a single DVD of the 2 1/2 hour video (it's an opera) I have been trying to do, from the same source, and apparently using V9. I would still like to learn to do it myself.


I still need to know: does the encoding process take 6 hours or more?


What do I do when the encoding is finished?

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OK - basically what you do is to open MyDVD, import the avi (or mpeg or whatever) into that and tell it to burn to the hard drive (create an iso image)


Depending on your computer this will take at least the duration in time of the original production (it does on mine anyway)


Put in a blank DVD and double click on the iso file you have made and this will burn to the CD and shrink it to fit. There will be a loss in quality but that can't be helped as you are squishing over twice the amount into half the space

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