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Toast 7

Gerd Knaepper


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It might have been a faulty disc. The disc may still be playable even through that spot because DVD players have error correction circuits.


Next time try choosing Save as Disc Image from the File menu and then burning that disc image using the Image File setting in the Copy window. This usually has less chance for burning error.

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As tsantee points out it could easily be (and most probably is) a piece of defective media. There are some drives that Toast just does not "play nice" with even though they are "supported" by both the OS and Toast though so it is possible that there is a problem there if you experience repeated failures.


If you save the file as a disc image as tsantee recommends you can double click on the disc image and play it in DVD player to make sure that there are no problems with the file itself before trying to burn it again.


You may want to try burning at a slower speed to see if it helps with this media. Some media, however, is just troublesome.


One other benefit of saving the file as a disc image is tht you will not have to repeatedly multiplex the file in the event of another media failure, although it does take longer initially because the file is multiplexed and then written to the disc image as if it were being written to media which takes a little while longer than just multiplexing the file.


There is an unresolved bug in Toast 7 that, unfortunately, Roxio has chosen not to address at all involving the "Roxio Converted Items" folder which is in the Documents folder. There are some temp (orary) files in the Roxio Converted Items folder that are supposed to remain resident (stay there) until either cleared or Toast is closed which are used in the multiplexing operation. Unfortunately, when you eject the disc from the failed burn these files disappear and when you insert a new disc the multiplexing operation begins from the beginning. Roxio claims that they have resolved this bug in Toast 8, but seems to have no interest in fixing it in Toast 7 even though the bug has existed from the initial release of Toast 7 and has been reported.


@Roxio: Why don't you fix this now if you actually have the fix incorporated in Toast 8? This is a bug, not a feature.

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