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RIAA ordered to cover suit target's legal fees


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How in the name of the wee man can you 'vicariously' aid someone??????


vicarious: "Felt or undergone as if one were taking part in the experience or feelings of another"


Did she read about someone helping someone else to do something or what?


I think the court should have awarded her extra for that bit of rigmarole :lol:

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Lawyers always have an alternate version of reality.


In this case, vicarious includes being responsible for the actions of a servant or someone you have some sort of control over.


The RIAA tracked some file sharing to the woman's I.P. address, so sued the woman. They found out she had an adult daughter living there, so they sued her as well.


The daughter didn't fight them (silly woman) so they got judgement against her by default, but then (being greedy) they continued against the mother for not stopping her adult daughter.


They're evil!

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