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Roxio Can't/Won't Erase a CD-RW?

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I think I have version 6.

XP Pro


Burning DRM WMA files as data.


Inserted a used CD-RW and Roxio asked for a blank CD.


Inserted a new blank CD-RW and Roxio went to work.


Roxio can't recognize a used CD-RW and ask permission to erase it?



From the Knowledge Base:


1. Open Creator Classic

a. Double click on the "Easy CD & DVD Creator 6" icon on the desktop

b. Click on the "Creator Classic" icon

2. Erase the Re-writable disc

a. Insert your Re-writable disc into your CD/DVD recorder and wait about 10

seconds for the PC to recognize the disc

b. Locate and left click on "Disc" in the top left hand side of the window then select

"Erase Disc"

c. You will then be prompted with the "Erase disc" window. Chose the type of Erase

option that you want to do and then click on the "Start" button.

d. Once the disc has been erased the progress meter will go to 100% and you will be

able to click on the "Close" button.

Your Re-writable media is now erased.





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A CD-RW is not a "great-big floppy-disc". If you are using it for something temporary, such as moving files to another computer (with the originals safely on the first computer), or for testing something, it's fine.


If you are using it for long-term backup, well, it isn't long-term.


More details here -



I learnd the hard way.



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Roxio can't recognize a used CD-RW and ask permission to erase it?

Hi Tom,


Writing on RWs isn't anywhere near as unsafe or unreliable as some people repeatedly claim, but automatically erasing a used one or offering to do so does carry the potential danger of erasing something valuable if the operator has grabbed the wrong RW by mistake.


Some software requires you to make a conscious decision to erase the disc. Some other software I also use doesn't do that, so it's faster although perhaps not as safe. It's a choice the designers made, I guess.


I prefer the fast way because I use RWs a lot, but it's no big thing once you've realized the difference.




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