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NEW PROBLEM:when i render it freezes on a few scenes for 10 seconds!



Hi guys, i m always having the problems i described on the others posts...

But since thursday i m not sleeping on this:I was rendering this video then when i went to see the final movie i found out that the movies freezes 3 times for various second in different scenes...What should i do?


I m desperate!I have to ship this video before Monday and now...i don t know what can i do!

I didn t move any file from the devices so i don t know what could cause this problem!

Please help



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Any time I had freeze in a rendered video was usually because I didn't defrag the drive first (too much of a rush and skipped that bit) :lol:


Seriously, before rendering, defrag the drive, run a spyware scan to check and also close down any running modules (even including the a/v) as these can interrupt the rendering process - it is very CPU intensive and needs the full system to itself


Let us know how that went

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No idea on the lines to be honest - I don't do transitions myself but did you try either updating the graphics drivers or running in software render?



Version 7 doesn't have an option to software/hardware render.


I'd try taking out the transitions where you get the lines and replace them with a transistion where you don't get the lines.


Many computers do not have the graphics card necessary for some of the 3D transitions. It's best to use the transitions that work on your computer.


Of course, make certain that you've gone to the Dell site and downloaded any updates/firmware for your computer. That might help.

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