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fix the ie7and wmp11 problem

brp in pgh


went thru this a few months ago, have emc7xx, rolled back ie7 and wmp11, no problems


now i've got a ps3 and trying to figure networking with pc (whole new set of headaches) and it seems wmp11 may solve many of my issues there.


so....if i upgrade to emc9 (or lastest version) will that solve the ie7 and wmp11 issue? and does anyone know of any other issues i may run into by upgrading. i've had plenty in the past and don't really want to spend days trying to figure how to get emc to work.


running xp media center.

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A few people have reported problems that can be traced to both IE7 and WMP11.At the same time others report running them ok.Personally I have WMP11 with EMC9 and no problems so far.Seems more of the problems come from IE7.

As far as upgrading you'd want to completely uninstall V7 first and then install v9.

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