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Dvd With Audio Only



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I have 7 hours of spoken word audio files...AIFF in iTunes. I want to burn them to a DVD to playback in a set-top box player. How can I achieve this?


iDVD seems to have a 2 hour limit. can toast do it?



There a couple options I can think of. One is to check your DVD player's manual to see if it plays mp3 discs. If it does you can use iTunes to convert the audio files to mp3 and then use either iTunes of Toast to burn a mp3 CD.


Alternatively you can make what Roxio calls a DVD Music Album. This can be done with Toast 6 if you also have Jam 6. Or it can be done with Toast 7 alone. It is an audio-only DVD except for a menu that includes a thumbnail graphic and brief description of the audio track.

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