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Brand new Dell - getting Roxio error messages galore



Hi all,


I have a brand new Dell, with Vista Home Premium, pre-loaded with Roxio, and I constantly get error messages. I'll include them below, though they may not be word-for-word perfect as I couldn't copy and paste them.


There appears to be some compatability problem with Vista as I get that message a lot.


Strangely I haven't even tried to use Roxio yet, but still get the error messages.


I checked to see what version it is, it's Easy Media Creator 9 Version 9.0.116


What can I do to rectify this? I would very much appreciate some advice.


Many thanks for your help.





Here are some of the error messages:


*Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library


Buffer overrun detected!



A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program's internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated."


*"Runtime error!




- pure virtual function call."


*"A program cannot display messages on your desktop." (When I click on details the program is listed as Roxio.)


*"This probably happened because of partial incompatability with Windows Vista. Please contact the program or device manufacturer for more info'.

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Take a look at this Roxio KB article and see if it helps:


****RUNTIME R6025 ERRORS****



Thanks very much Larry, I read that article, everything that should be checked is should be - although every single one of those options was not listed - but it prompted me to check my firewall and AV too, and all the settings seem fine.


Most perplexing. I wonder if Dell sent me the software on CD as well, I should go and look, maybe it needs reinstalling, though it seems strange it'd require that on a new machine.


ETA: Have found a software CD, would uninstalling and reinstalling help?

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