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Multi-processor chips and software


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That article doesn't seem to state anything more than what I've complained for awhile. When I purchased this Dula Core computer last year, I was expecting a HUGE jump in processing, but didn't get it - and still don't. When it comes to video editing and rendering, dual core means nothing. I would rather have a single core running at 6Ghz than this dual core 3Ghz machine. I could care less about heat or power consumption.


I still question whether or not an 'optimized' application would even make a difference. I also own another video editor that is supposedly optimized for multi-processors. I've run several tests and saw very little difference in render time with that app rendering the exact same DV AVI as any other app. So I would say mulit-core is more hype than any real step-up in computing power.

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CPU Charts

The interactive CPU Charts provide a true performance comparison between AMD and Intel processors, between AMD and AMD processors, or Intel against Intel processors. They allow ambitious users as well as decision makers and dealers to compare their favorite products in 20+ benchmark disciplines.


In addition, the price/performance index enables you to find the best performance for your buck. This chart is updated daily with the latest product prices from TG Stores.


The charts have several unique features:


Select your desired benchmark.

Select two processor models, which will be highlighted on your results page.

Check out the absolute and relative performance difference between selected models at the bottom of the page.

Click on any bar within the chart to receive the test configuration.





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Those charts are absolutely meaningless. What counts is when you get the machine home - does it perform with the applications that you use. If they had a few benchmarks running Videowave.... :) So far, I have not been impressed with Intel Dual Core. I'm definitely going back to AMD.

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