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burn order doesn't match label order


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I've been using ECDC5 in WinXP for a while...absolutely love it. In January, I purchased/installed iPod. Recently (which I can't define), I will create an audio cd and the technical burn is fine...plays in a multitude of devices. BUT, the order of the burn is not what was set in the project list. And when I make the label, the label matches what was in the project list, but not what was burned. So, track 3 on the label says No Tricks, but when I play track 3, I get a totally different song! The same thing happens with an mp3 cd.


Is the iPod software messing this up - it did totally copy & reorganize my music library (that artist/album/song stuff, as opposed to my custom system) but my ECDC5 project source is MY original music library, not the ipod library.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hard to say what messed up what but a lot of programs do sort in alphanumerical order.


The trick (or workround) is to give each track a number - like:


01 First Track

02 Second Track


and so on


Obviously, if you have more than 99 tracks, use 001 and so on

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Hi Bev,


If you're writing a CD Audio disc (CDA) with Creator, the order of the tracks on the project should be maintained on the CD and they should play in that order on a desk-top or car player.


If that doesn't happen on your system, something is awry and I would tend to look sideways at iTunes. Your system shouldn't sort tracks when you're making a CDA disc.


If you're playing the disc on your computer, make sure something isn't sorting the list of contents in your player software.


When Creator makes an MP3 disc, the files are alphanumerically sorted. If your MP3 player doesn't obey the playlist file thatCreator makes or you want an unsorted label, you'll need to number the files as suggested above to enforce the burn order. If the label isn't an issue but playing order is, you can substitute a playlist that your player will obey just before you burn the disc.




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