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Backup My PC 2006 - can't backup at all



I am not able to get Backup MyPC 2006 to work at all. I bought the program disk. It was very difficult to install as I would get messages saying that an old version of the program was installed, even though that was not the case. Finally, I came across the clean install instructions and followed them. However, even after all that, I still got the message that an old version was installed. But at least the program did install the version from the CD.


But I am not able to perform a backup of any kind. When I click on the Backup link in the tab on the left side, nothing happens or opens. I can't change the destination at the bottom to anything else but my CD Drive (I want to do a file backup). But even leaving it set to CD Drive does not work. No options of what to back up are ever presented.


I have no idea what to try next. Thanks in advance for any help.

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You may have an old version of the software that was installed with EMC 7 or 8. These would be installed without letting you know. Unfortunately, the only way I know to not have them installed from EMC 7 or 8 is to uninstall EMC, and create a CD from the original EMC CD that does not have Backup MyPC directory on it. Then install the new version of BUMP. Pain to have to do it that way, but only way around the problem I have found.

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