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Loading Pictures from iphoto causes Toast to stop responding

Gregory Winters


I trying to make a backup copy of my iphotos on DVD-RW. I can add one picture at a time to the content area, but when many pictures are added at once, Toast stops responding and needs to be forced quit. I have a 2.16 Ghz intel core Duo Mac Book Pro 17" wit 2 GB of Ram and plenty of HD space. I've tried loading the pictures into the content field from the media panel as well as directly from iPhoto. I have almost 3000 photos to back up and dragging and droping a few at time is not an option for $79.00. When i drag and drop all the photos directly from iPhoto, I do get a message that says more than one file is named the same before Toast stops responding? Of course I dont think iPhoto alows the exact same name for any picture anyway.


Please help, Thanks,


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The pictures are in JPEG format, and i was placing the photos in the content widow. I had checked the dvd source to record to and the format i use to encode the dvd was Photo Data in Toast.

So you are using the Photo Disc setting in the Data window. For me photos and folders/albums of photos are added almost instantaneously. If I select an album in the iPhoto section of the media browser and click the + button (or drag it across to the Data window) it immediately appears. Same for dragging from the Finder.


I have no idea what could cause any delay in this. I suggest trashing the Toast plist and prefs files in your User>Library>Preferences folder, trashing and reinstalling Toast from the 8.0.1 update and repairing permissions with Disk Utility. It may be a good time to run DiskWarrior or Disk Utility's First Aid. If you have an application such as Cocktail or MacJanitor this would be a good time to clean caches as well.

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