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DVDit! 6 Pro Install



[size=2]Hi all.


Sonic just sent me my disk of DVDit! 6.1 Pro. I am currently using DVDit! 5.2 . Can anyone tell me if I need to uninstall 5.2 first? If so, do I need to run any special uninstall software? Do I need to clear and registery entries?


Any help is appreciated.

Thanks.[/size] :D

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Well I was trying to do subtitles with 6.0 and they sent me 6.1 saying that would fix the problem.

The subtitles would load but not burn.

Also not you have to use a script dropframe=true if using d/f and subtitles or your o/s will freeze.

That's in the additional note page - but buried.


Unfortunately the code to install 6.1 was not recognized by the installation program. Not enough digits. You'd think that having gone to the trouble of offering me an free update the tech guys would make sure the code would work?!

I have been waiting for weeks for a solution for this and feel like writing an article for my state paper warning people about the difficulties with this product. I have a good friend who does the 'Green Guide' and I regularly contribute.

If anyone out there has had similar issues with upgrades, I'd love to know how you got round it

If you did , that is.



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