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DVD won't play on TV DVD player

Paul Miyamasu


I have now installed the update....no change whatsoever!


Also, another problem is that when I click on certain things (quite a few have this problem), such as Creator Classic > Tools > Options, the program just closes!!!! Bloody Rude!!! The main Creator Classic window remains but the component closes...BOOM!


I don't suppose there is a list of compatibility issues anywhere....??


Anybody know of any other good software to replace this c*#p with?



I cannot seem to be able to play a DVD burned on EMC 9 on TV. Have uninstalled EMC 9 and installed previously used EMC 7.5. But still cannot play DVD. I use Windows Move Maker (wmv file) to make the video and use EMC to burn the disc. Any suggestions?



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Other questions that might help:


Were you burning a production that was made using the Videowave program ?


If you used the MyDVD program to burn the DVD, did you check the "preview" and if so, did it look O.K. ?


What options did you choose before burning the DVD ?


What make and model of DVD player are you using to play the DVD ?


Does your Video play O.K. in W M M ?



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