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Preview Quality Lower in MyDVD9 than MyDVD5.3



I admit I'm new at this, but...


My Dell computer came pre-packaged with MyDVD5.3.2. I used it to edit a movie I captured off of a home-made DVD I created from an old VHS tape. Mostly, everything went fine, from capturing to editing to burning a new DVD. There were a few minor problems, however, and, since that version was no longer supported, I upgraded to Easy Media Creator 9, which includes MyDVD9.


I was actually able to successfully import the earlier project created under MyDVD5.3.2, but during Preview mode, I noted that the video quality was substantially inferior to what it was under MyDVD5. I then tried going back to the original source DVD and recapturing the whole thing. Video quality during Preview was again poor. By "poor," I mean much lower resolution (jagged edges on objects, etc.).


I contacted Customer Support and was told to update my video driver. I did that, but the result is exactly the same.


I am afraid to start editing this movie again, because it takes several hours, and (1) using the editor in MyDVD9 is more difficult when the resolution is so much poorer, and (2) I am afraid that a new DVD created from the finished product will have the same resolution as the preview.


Why should the Preview be inferior in MyDVD9 to what it was in MyDVD5? Is there some sort of setting/switch I am not handling properly?




P.S. The original DVD displays OK when played (i.e., with correct resolution) using Easy Media Creator 9; it is just the Preview part of the editor that displays poorly.


P.P.S. The same problem shows up using VideoWave.

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