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Not burning AVI files over 40 minutes and freezing up



When I first got Toast 8 it worked great for burning AVI files long or short.


But now all of a sudden when I select a file to burn as DVD Video it freezes up for like 5-10 minutes per file until it finally shows up on the screen. Than when I go to burn it it will freeze up again for 20-30 minutes until it starts converting the video file into Video_TS format that will play on a DVD player.


This in it's self wouldn't be so annoying. But when I try to burn an AVI file over 40 or so minutes long it doesn't work. It will get to 100% completion for converting the file from video to Video_TS format than I'll get:



Sense Code =0x26



Or something like this. I tried removing the Toast 8 folder from the Applications folder and downloading the update. But that didn't work. It's weird because it used to always burn longer files but all of a sudden it stopped. I didn't change any of the hardware on my iMac or anything. I even tried slowing the burn speed down to 4x thinking that it might have overfilled the buffer or something.

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I think the problem is my dvd. When I put in my HP DVD duel layer + r disc a dvd icon doesn't show up on the desktop. But when I put in a regular DVD shows up and after it's done freezing up it burns correctly. Could this be part of why it doesn't burn?

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The first thing I'd try is trashing the Toast application along with the Toast plist and prefs files in your User>Library>Preferences folder and then reinstalling Toast from the 8.0.1 update.


Also, use DiskWarrior if you have it. If you don't have it at least run the verification with Disk Utility's first aid to see if all is well with the System.


I suppose you've shut down and restarted the Mac.

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