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Real Player Vid To Dvd



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I just downloaded the already built reallib folder from the bottom of ffmpeg's download page and put it in where ever it said to put it.


When I drop a file on ffmpeg I get the filename in the "open" field and the saved file name in the "save" window (which is not leading to lib Toast).


Anyway, somewhere I read that for ffmpegX to deal with Real Media the filename has to end in .rm. So if it's .ram give it a new try with .ram changed to .rm please.


Can't think of anything else at the moment, it works just fine here. My ffmpegX is registered, but I'm not sure if that would make a difference...

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Use ffmpegX to convert the file. At the bottom of ffmpeg's download page you can get the extra lib that is required to have it recognise Real Media files.


Here's where you could start reading about ffmpegX...




Well, I tried. but ffmpegX works for about 10 sec and say It's done but there no files. But before I switch to my Intel G5, I haven't have to convert the files...

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I think you need the divx mencoder or xvid mencoder settings.


Put "Real Media" without the quotes in this URL's search box:




I've tried has much as I can But never FFmpegX detect my file as the following picture :


And I tried quite a few times to install the "reallib" folder.

What else I should try?

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