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Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3



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Glad to see you got a response, MartyR, I feel sure ogdens will be able to help you. :rolleyes: Good Luck ;)

I tried the very same version MartyR when I had it installed on a main computer and used to get the Error message a couple of times but nearly always when tried again it made the dvd I required. So perhaps trying to burn the dvd a few times suddenly produces the goods.


But my trouble now is that I had to buy a new laptop after the main computer decided it did not like to work anymore and went into enforced retirement. I have installed Photo Story 3 on it but because I lost everything I needed the dvd burn part installed, so contacted Roxio and Element 5 who eventually sent me the information I bought and paid for back in 2005. But now when I try and download the part it goes through until it comes up with a box asking for my name, organisation and SERIAL NUMBER which can only be obtained if a boxed version is bought, but the version I bought was by computer download. I have asked and asked by sending several tickets for a suitable number to fill the box and then be able to complete the download. I have tried the numbers I have such as Ref number or License Information number but it keeps coming up saying NUMBERS INVALID. Now I have just received another e-mail asking me for a list of things such as Operating System, Programme Suite, Information on my machine CPU speed etc etc types of files etc etc.

All I want is a number to complete the box, HOW DIFFICULT IS THAT?????????


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Yes....give us some details of your problem.


I have used Photostory 3 previously and have successfully made DVD’s using Sonic DVD.


I haven’t had the occasion to make another Photostroy DVD for around 6 months. When trying, I create the slide story, added music, etc and finished my production … it plays without any problems on my PC.


BUT, when trying to make a DVD, I was able to proceed thru Creating disk, Burning Files to Disk and then got a halt with a message “Sonic DVD cannot create the DVD because an error has occurred”


As a result, I uninstalled Photo Story 3, uninstalled Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3 … and reinstalled.


I same problem described above recurred.


So, I purchased and downloaded a new copy of Sonic DVD for Photostory 3 for Windows –ESD and tried again … the same problem repeated.


I called tech support (have a ticket #) paid the additional $35 and did the following.


Downloaded and installed pxengine 3_00_58a, removed all temp files using the “run” protocol, and upgraded my firmware thru a support download from Sony … I have a Sony DVD RW DR U-810A running version 1.0 f firmware and installed using the Nero Suite provided by Sony (it’s a replacement of the original DVD RW device furnished by the OEM).


I have a HP PC with Microsoft Windows XP, version 2002, service pack 2 and use Norton Antivirus and Verizon DSL


In addition to Photo Story 3 and Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3


the following programs are installed on my PC:


DVD Solution

Intervideo Win DVD Player

Muvee AutoProducer

Nero Suite

Sonic Encoders

Sonic Record Now!

Sonic Update Manager

Can you help or do I have to follow-up with tech support?



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