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Nero uninstal


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Having uninstalled 'NERO' from the Add and Remove window I am told that there will be some fragments remaining which may conflict with EMC8. Can anyone assist as to how I can remove the offending bits?


Regards, Photographer


Nero used to have a registry cleaner tool, available for download from their site. I haven't been there in a long time, so I don't know if it is available for the Ultra 7 programs.

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I agree with Brendon and I have had Nero 7 Ultra installed with EMC 7.5,8,9 with no problems. That is with no InCd installed or D2D for that matter!


What your looking for,


Clean Tools

System Cleaner

Please choose from the following topics:


General CleanTool


Registry Checker and Driver CleanTool


InCD CleanTool


Nero 5 CleanTool


Nero 6 CleanTool


Nero 7 Clean Tool


NeroVision Express CleanTool





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