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Dvd Length Doesn't Match Audio File Length?



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Any settings besides the quality settings that would affect this? I have a Fujifilm DVD+RW that states it can fit 120 min (or 240 min in EP Mode?), yet when I copy an avi file into Toast 6, it says there is not enough room on the disk. ???

Are you wanting to copy your AVI file to a DVD or are you wanting to create a video DVD from the content of the AVI that will play on a DVD player? If you're just copying the AVI to a disc use the Data window rather than the Video window. If you are wanting to create a video DVD the movie in your AVI must be converted by Toast to MPEG 2 and the audio to PCM or AC3 to meet the video DVD specs. The content of your AVI could be DivX which is compressed much smaller than MPEG 2.


When Toast 6 is doing the MPEG 2 encoding and using PCM audio, the maximum movie length that will fit a single-layer DVD disc is 90 minutes. If you also own Jam 6 an option appears in Toast 6 to encode AC3 audio. If you can choose this then Toast can fit up to 120 minutes of video on a DVD.


If this is a DivX encoded video I suggest your getting a DVD player that has DivX-playback capability (many of the cheaper ones have this) and burn your AVI as a data disc for playback in one of those players. It saves a huge amount of time. Also, consider getting Toast 7 if your Mac meets its system requirements. Toast 7 has a different MPEG and AC3 encoder that can fit much more on a single-layer disc.

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