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Copy & Convert 3 freezes up @ Disc Coper Window



I am trying to burn Quicktime MOV files to DVD.Everything works ok untill it's in the Disk Copier Window.

It says Creating DVD and runs ok till it gets up to 29%--then it lock up.(I waited for an hour in case this program is confused and needed time to think)The cancel button won't do anything--

I have to use the Windows Task Manager to shut down the program.I tried copy to File/Folder and ended up with the same problem.I tried shutting all other programs down --Zone Alarm etc.-- and that didn't help.I checked my memory usage when it was locked up and had plenty of memory usage left.

Please help if you can.


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'fraid I can't help you with your specific problem. But my experience of C&C is that it is very sensitive to disk and source file problems from which it doesn't seem able to recover. It just hangs. Biggest problem is the total lack of any status messages other than the percent completed. Would be really useful to know what it was doing at the time it stopped. As you say, the cancel button does nothing.


After one Disk Copier hang I had to edit the registry to remove all recent file info before I could open the file browser again, otherwise the program just GPF'd in Windows XP.


There also seem to be a few bugs in the Disk Copier interface. When I select movies into the video compilation queue they don't always appear in the source list, which means they can't be deleted or edited. If they do appear then the layout of the controls on the interface gets corrupted - window text overlays buttons etc. Smells like a poorly implemented Java interface to me.


Also, if I select more than one source file into the compilation queue then I just end up with that number of zero length files in the target folder, although the operation says it completed successfully.


All in all, a disappointing piece of software. Ok it was cheap but I expected better from Roxio.




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