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I tried adding a file to burn onto the dvd but when I did a message popped out and wouldn't let me. Here's a screen shot of the message.




Thanks in advanced.

You will have to give quite a bit more information about what your are trying to do. I don't even know if you are creating a video DVD, data DVD or what. Also the picture you inserted is much to small to be viewed.

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Sorry about that, yeah I'm trying to create a video DVD. Uhh.. what other details do you need? :)

Well, info like

What version of My DVD is that? Is it part of the EMC 7.5 suite or a stand alone one?

What are your computer specs?

What is the source of the video file you are trying to add? From the error message, it appears that you do not have the correct video codec for that file.

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Codec-download.com is one place to go to get codecs, but really you are best off if you can work out which codec you need. Then you can do a web search and go get that codec, rather than having to get a whole supermarket trolley full of them.


It would seem that you don't have a codec for the file you tried to add, so what was that file? Examination of that should give an idea of the codec you need.


There is a codec information appliance program called GSpot. (I believe the G is for Graphics). It can be found at http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ or at a number of other places on the Internet.


If you run this program and then drag the video file onto the GSpot program GUI, in mostcases you'll get a lot of information about the video file. GSpot will tell you if you're short an audio or video codec, and most times will tell you which one you need. Try it, it's free.


If you get stuck, come back here with more information and we'll try to help you.

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Yeah it seems that I don't have the right codecs to view the movies. Since I just got this laptop I thought it'd have it, being new and all, so I didn't check. Do you guys know a good place to download the codecs?

Well, that might be the problem. Since you didn't reply with any further info or answer any of the questions asked yet, it's still only a guess that it may be the issue. You can follow Brendon's advice on checking the file and maybe find a codec to add. If that route doesn't help, when you post back supply the answers and info requested.

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