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Ripping CDs-missing tracks?



This afternoon I have to repeatedly rip 3 CDs to successfully convert them to mp3. Using easy media creator 9, I selected the convert option, ensured all tracks were ticked and started the conversions. Sometimes it converted 1, 2 or only 3 tracks. On the final CD, first attempt it did 8 out of 10 tracks. Then instead of doing them all again I decided to do only tracks 9 and 10-first attempt here failed, next attempt only did track 9, then finally I did track 10 on its own.


At no time was any error reported, just project successfully completed.


Any ideas?

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I have used the "Convert CD's" program to change a CDA record to MP3's using EMC 9.1.074 and as long as I have the boxes checked for the tracks I want to convert and have the options set for MP3, I get all of them converted no problems.



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Having been alerted by this thread that some options were not showing in Roxio Home/Audio on my system, I did a clean uninstall/reinstall and now have the option 'Convert CDs'. I just converted a 12 track CD with no problems. All tracks were converted in one go, as I had checked them all. So that makes several respondents who have not encountered the problem you have.


So if it is (still) not functioning correctly for you, the problem lies elsewhere. It could be from dirty/scratched CD, try cleaning it.


With problem CDs, I have sometimes found it useful to use Exact Audio Copy (free), as (amongst other functions) it can be used to test the tracks for read errors. DVD Info pro, which is part of EMC, does not handle Audio CDs



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