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Sonic Solutions DLA Problem (New!)



Ok, I've search everywhere in order to find a solution, and have not yet. Here it is...


I start up my computer and get a pop-up message: This driver is blocked due to compatability issues.


Driver: Sonic Solutions DLA


Publisher: Sonic Solutions


Now, I've went to the solution website the pop-up gave me and it tells me to download either a 32bit patch or a 64bit patch. Stupidly wihout looking I install the 64bit because that's what I thought my operating system was running on, and I installed that and nothing happend. So I figured out I was running on a 32bit so I downloaded that patch, and now I got a few problems in the installation. It says it cannot find Drag-to-Disc, which in my research seems to be the culprit behind everything.


So in my conclusion I believe my computer wants me to install a program thats not compatible with Vista, that I never use either, and then find a patch to make it compatible, even though I don't even want the program.


I've looked in my Add/Remove Programs list, and Roxio is no where to be found. I don't even remember how it showed up on my computer in the first place. And by the way, I have a Gateway GT5220.


Any Help?



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You may have better luck checking with Gateway support if they installed the program prior to your purchasing it as it's probably an OEM version specific to their machine.


I'm a bit puzzled tho as to how come you didn't know whether you were running a 32 bit or 64 bit OS

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ya, my bad. But I figured it out completeley by accident. Before I upgraded Vista, which was earlier today, I was downloading a movie on XP. As I was puzzled with nothing to do I watched the movie and I had to install Windows Media Player 11 and now everything works properly.

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