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Motion Picture HD - Quicktime Export Error





I did not see a forum for discussion Motion Picture HD issues, so hopefully others using this app that is bundled in with Toast might be of some help here?


I had been using MPHD for several weeks with no issues. Then last night when trying to export a slide show to have a friend review, I tried to export using "Mail" settings (reduced frame rate, H.263, 10 fps etc..) and I got this error:



A problem occurred during exporting. It is described as '*** QuickTime failure (-61, /Users/cmeyer/Developer/MP210/LQCommon/LQMovieExport.m, line 350)'.



Now when I try to export with any setting to QuickTime I get the above error. I have reinstalled MPHD and even upgraded from Toast 7 to Toast 8 with no luck. I have to have this slide show done for a b-day party this Saturday and I have all this work nearly wrapped up only to find out that I can not export out!!!!!!


I repaired permissions. Reinstalled MPHD. Rebooted. Geepers, this feels like what I thought I had left waaaay behind when I switched to the Mac over 3 years ago. 8^(


If anyone has any tips, I'd really appreciate it.





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