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Video Wave Hangs, have tried everything



Help...am trying to create 8 minute movie for my daughter for college resruiters (lacrosse).


I created a multichapter DVD by playing home movies 8mm (analog) into a panasonic VHS/DVD burner connected to my TV. I reviewed HOURS of tape and found about 12 clips, I "recorded" each using the panasonic, finalized and ended up with a DVD with 12 chapters.


Was able to get the chapters into EMC7 using video capture, they converted as MPEG-2.


WHen I copy a "clip" (these are short, the longest if 75 seconds, shortest around 20 seconds) into video wave and "preview" it plays the audio, completely through but the video hangs at the first "frame".


I've been at this for hours...actually days...


I have:

1. Redownloaded video drivers.

2. deleted roxio completely using the MS INstaller Cleanup utlity

3 cleaned up the registry

4. cleaned out cookies, temporary internet files, basically every file on this computer label Roxio or SOnic.

5. Reinstalled roxio.



Computer - Dell Dimension 4400 desktop 1gig ram, about 120gig free HD space. it's a P4 running at 2.0ghz, it has a NVidia GEforce 2 video card with 64meg video ram.


I have played this DVD on the same computer using WMP 10 and it runs fine, no hangs. I have installed EMC7 on my wife's computer, a newer dell with 1 gig, not sure about the video card, it hangs there.


THis is frustrating I'm on the verge of (1) buying a new video card for this PC, or buying EMC9, or both. I'd like to feel more confident about the cause beforethrowing money at this problem.


We have been using this installation of emc7 for a while. My kids have made at least a dozen movies for school projects using video files captured via digital camera in "video" mode, thus


1. Sometimes I think it'sthe format of the files output by the panasonic, but they run on WMP10?

2,.Sometimes I think it's the video card in combination with Roxis, again, it runs fine on WMP10.

3. SOmetimes I wonder if there is a MPEG-2 codec for roxio?





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thanks for the tips. I'll try the alternate format thing tonight on the panasonic tonight. I probably should have been more specific. I haven't even gotten to the point of adding anything like an effect. there is only a single 1-20 second clip. I can't even preview the clip without copying it into a "production". It does the same thing, playes the audio but the video freezes. Also I've had to convert 1 clip at a time because when I originally had all 12 clips in one folder and pointed videowave at that folder to select media, it would hang up while trying to resolve the 12 clips.

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