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Menu Button Settings

Vinnie M.




I'm not even sure this is right topic area. I purchased MyDVD 9 Studio from Office Depot. It says "Roxio" on the box, but I didn't see any topic areas for MyDVD under the Roxio boards, so I apologize if I've misplaced this question. The About box on the software does say it's copyright Sonic, so I think this is the place to ask.


Anyway, I created a DVD project and was editing the menu. I added 4 videos and MyDVD created 4 menu buttons for them. I edited the text and selected a thumbnail frame from the video for the button picture. But when I previewed the menu, selecting a button (highlighting it) caused the button to fill with a gray background -- no image. Also I was hoping I could set the button image to a JPG file instead of being limited to a video frame from that movie, but couldn't see where to do that.


I did some research on the forums and knowledgebase and learned there is a "Settings" option when you right click a menu button, which should bring up a screen that allows customizing the highlighting attributes. I was also hoping it would let me choose a JPG instead of a movie frame, but that was secondary. I saw lots of discussions about the Settings menu option, so I tried right-clicking on the menu button. A popup appeared with several options, but no Settings option.


I spoke with someone on support chat, but after having me walk through a new project and still no Settings option on the menu, he decided I needed to repair my installation. He sent me instructions, but it had me disabling certain resident programs in MSCONFIG and rebooting... it didn't seem like this was the correct diagnostic course. He said my installation was corrupt, but I wasn't sure that was accurate either. As a Windows developer, I know that when an installation is corrupt, programs tend to barf up error messages on startup or generate page faults and such. A corrupt executable or corrupt DLL, etc. doesn't usually cause only one menu option on a popup menu to not appear. I guess it could if that menu option launched a completely different app and that app was missing, but I have a feeling the menu button settings are most likely an integral function of the core MyDVD application, so it just seemed unlikely this was a corrupt installation or corrupt program.


Support was closing (6 pm), so I went away and tried the "repair" options and eventually uninstalled and reinstalled the software. Neither action helped. Still no Settings option on the menu.


My guess now is that the version of MyDVD 9 that I have doesn't have that feature because it was a "lighter" version. It was only $49 at Office Depot. I noticed in the manual it refers to MyDVD as "MyDVD Express" even though the entire package is called MyDVD Studio on the product box. The About box doesn't mention "Express" anywhere that I can see, so I'm really confused. When the tech was leading me through starting the program, he told me to look for the EMC9 menu (Easy Media Creator?) under Start->All Programs, then choose MyDVD. I explained I didn't have that menu option, only an option for MyDVD 9, so he said to choose that. But I wonder if EMC9 is actually a more complete version and that's why he couldn't understand why I didn't have the Settings option. He seemed rather frustrated when I kept insisting the menu option wasn't there when right-clicking.


So two questions:


1) Is there a menu button Settings option in my version of MyDVD 9 (Studio), and if so, where would I find it? Or is the version I have simply limited in that way as a "lighter" version of the full app?


2) Is is possible to use a JPG for a menu button instead of only a video frame in my version?


Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can offer.


-- Vinnie

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