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Captured Vhs Audio Out Of Sync



Hi all. I have a similar audio out of sync problem to several I've looked up here, but I guess it's sufficiently different to require a unique fix. I've been using EMC8 to create DVD's from home movies for the past three weeks with spectacular success. They look great, the overlays are outstanding, the sound effects are easy to use and all is well. That was when I was transferring 16 and 8 mm films from the 50's. I moved into the 70's last night and the first occasion of sound-on-film threw things for a loop. I can watch the file created in Click To DVD (Sony) on virtually anything (NERO, Windows Media Player, ULead Movie Creator, etc) and it's perfect. When I bring it into EMC8 to begin editing the audio "creeps" as the file progesses. At the beginning it's fine, within 10 minutes it's 3-4 seconds ahead of the video. Poked around some last night and came across "extract audio", which I did. Pretty cool...it created an audio file of the entire 1:45 video, which I then inserted as audio to the original film (after lowering the sound-on-film volume to -25 db) and bingo...everything is in sync and stays that way throughout. Seems like a pretty bizarre way to have to edit video that all of the other programs were more than willing to accept as is. Help? Thanks for wading through what I'm sure must be a VERY common problem.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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