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Slow burning DVDs

Mondeo Man


Hi you guys

I have been using Sonic MyDvd 4 for a very long time, and with the PC setup I have now

a normal dvd burn takes approx 15 to 20 minutes.

Recently upgraded to MyDvd 9 and its been taking up to 5 hours to burn the same size disc.

What's happening, I've reverted back to MyDvd 4 and get the same fast speed, but it dosent

have the editing features of 9, any solutions Guys.

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It sort of depends what you're doing.


The actual burn rate doesn't change, but what is probably happening is that 9 is re-rendering the file to a format playable in a standalone player. This does take a long time (on my machine it's at the very least the duration of the movie just to render.


You can separate the two processes (render and burn) by choosing to output to the hard drive as a .iso image file first and then using that to do the actual burn (not really any faster, but you only need to do it once as you can use the .iso for future copies)

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