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Notify when project complete?



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I don't think you can - I usually find out because my DVD tray is on a level with my knee (it pops out and hits me) :lol:


Seriously tho, burning should only take a matter of minutes - not even enough time to go grab a coffee, unless you are combining rendering of a .avi file with the burn process. Normally I'd render first to a .iso file on the hard drive and then burn that later

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Disc Copier, after clicking burn, the Progress information dialog box opens. Uncheck the box 'close this dialog box when finished successfully' so it stays open. Then where it says current task, etc. while burning, when completed it says (in green) 'completed' (at the same time ejecting the disc).


Perhaps not quite what you wanted, but something. I don't know whether it is possible to set that window always on top, should you be doing sometrhing else while the burn progresses.

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