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Standalone vs. PC Playback



Ok, responses have been hazy and in some cases irreliable on previous topics of similar content so let me lay it out simply for a hopefully simple and reliable response. :( I have used EMC 9 Suite to make slideshows and have even tried DVDit Pro to make them. Here is the simple fact... DVDit Pro is easier to use and I get fewer issues in production. However the recurring issue I have and it seems a few others are having, is that a butned slideshow or former mini-DV that is turned into a DVD of any kind will play just fine on any computer. No snags, no freezing, no skipping. But on a standalone DVD player they skip... EVERY TIME SOMETHING MOVES IN THE VIDEO OR IMMEDIATELY AFTER A TRANSITION IN A SLIDESHOW. :angry2: This is frustrating. If someone knows how to fix this please reply. If you have a previously unmentioned theory, please reply. If you just so happen to come accross a setting that makes the standalone work, please reply. I cannot test out my own theory for lack of time but for those of you that can, here it is. <_<


My theory is that were you able to have a standalone system pre-buffer the video, it would play fine. :ninja: Much like the old Electronic Skip Protection or ESP of a Walkman ®. If you can find a setting on a player to run this funtion and verify the validity of this theory, I would be greatly appreciated, or if you find a solution please let me know and let us make this the end all be all of DVD playback for the standalone vs. pc issue. Thank you and Good night. :rolleyes:

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You are probably correct. Most DVD players do indeed have a memory buffer. That is why some players can't handle higher bitrates very well (buffer too small). You can test this out on your player by forcing MyDVD or DVDit Pro to a lower bitrate.


Load one of your previous projects

Change the bitrate to 6Mbps or lower

Burn to DVD RW for testing


See if that helps.

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