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Print label procedure error



Creator 9 on Windows Vista.


The express labler, when first used with a printer, suggests to "calibrate".


I did this using an EPSON stylus photo R200 to print on printable disks.


The procedure calls for printing a "test page", then put the page back in the printer to print some letters.

There are arrows to indicate feed direction. This would mean turning the page end for end to put it back in the printer.


After printing the letters I am instructed to enter the letters that intersect the disk circle printed in step one. The letters do not even come close to intersecting the circle.

Entering the closest letters causes printing to be way off.


If I put the page back in in the same direction as first printed, that is opposite the way the arrows point, I get good intersection at letter "i" all the way around. Entering letter "i" four times in the calibrate window and finishing the wizard, the printer hits the disk lined up properly.


Since I am having no problem printing this post is informational only.

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