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Can parts of the patch be released or at least released as a beta?



IMO, any patch for EMC9 is way overdue. I purchased this product in November of 2006, and it's now August, 2007. Fortunately, I am not one of the users who have major issues with the software. But I do feel bad for those who are frustrated on many levels with Roxio and EMC9. If the patch is not ready, please release what is completed of the patch, and then focusing on what needs to be completed. Why does the patch need to be released as one fix-all? You could have 9.1, 9.2, etc. At the very least, release what has been fixed as a beta patch. It would provide something tangible for the end consumer and allow the consumer to provide feedback about how the patch is working.

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I'm sure if the patch was ready, they would release it. I don't see how at this point, with all the negative posts about it, they wouldn't release it unless they had a very good reason. May not be a good reason to us but I'm sure they have to have one. Why else wouldn't they want to?

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