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Tempoary Files

Bill W


I have noticed in the past that a temp file is created and locked to explorer.exe. I didn't know what was creating this situation. the name of the file always starts ~romfn_nnnnnnn

I recently rebuilt my system and did not have the file being created for about a month. I reinstalled roxio 9 and immediatly saw the file being created again. I can unlock the file and it disappears. I do not have to start roxio 9 it just showes up after booting the PC. It is obviously tied to the install of roxio 9 but where. Is it a service that roxio starts ?????

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I have similar files that appear occasionally. Unlocker shows some are locked by MS Office, others by Windows Explorer. They began appearing a few months ago, I suspect after one or other XP update, though I have not tried to establish the cause, nor do I know their purpose. They seem to appear irregularly, perhaps after some particular set of user actions.


In any case I don't think that they are the result of installing EMC 9 as such. After restart, if not auto deleted, they become unlocked and can be safely deleted. Or if you want to delete the locked ones, use Unlocker, nothing bad will happen.

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