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Need To Edit Chapters In Existing Dvd



I've created a DVD by copying a VHS tape. However, the dubbing machine does not allow me to create chapters and menus the way I would like.


What is the best way to bring in the video/audio into MyDVD, create any chapters (and/or menus) and burn a disk? By "best way" I mean I'd like a way that does not involve reencoding, since obviously I already have the video in DVD format.


I do have access to DVD Decrypter to extract the data; since these are my own DVDs however, I can use any other ripper since I don't need to break any encryption or copy protection.



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You should be able to use Media Import. Click on the VIDEO TAB. Media Import will copy all the VOBs into a single MPEG2 file.


As long as you do NO EDITING, MyDVD will not re-encode the file. Start a new MyDVD project. Add the File. Right click on the thumbnail and EDIT CHAPTERS. Edit the menu if needed. Burn.

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