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sound output



I'm having trouble figuring out how to put the audio on my DVDs. The movies I compile come out perfect but there's no audio to anything. I've tried a couple times already and managed the same output everytime. Can anybody help???






I just found out that I don't have an "audio" option before I burn a DVD. Can somebody tell me why?

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Hi Doobious,


Okay, you're using 'Disc Copier' to convert from AVI file to a DVD.


There isn't an 'Audio' option in Disc Copier, because you are copying/converting video files, and not "authoring" a DVD. You need more expensive software to construct a DVD along with transitions and fancy themes and menus and stuff. In Disc Copier, the sound from your AVI should be copied into the output DVD or image.


If the audio from your AVI isn't carrying over to your DVD, then it may be that you don't have the proper audio encoder/decoder or 'codec' installed on your system, or some other setting is wrong. The AVI needs to be decoded to audio and video and then re-encoded to the DVD, but if you don't have the right codec(s) installed, this can't happen.


There are a whole raft of different codecs which can be used by someone who is making an AVI file. You need to see which ones your AVIs use, and check if you have those installed.


Perhaps the easiest way to check this is to download a free copy of a utility called GSpot, a codec identification utility.

It can be downloaded from many sites, but divx-digest.com or free-codecs.com are a couple of reputable places. I think version 2.70a is the current version.


You run GSpot, and then drag and drop your AVI file onto the GSpot information box. It will analyze the AVI and tell you what codecs are used, and (more importantly) if you have them installed so it can "render" the AVI. It doesn't change your AVI file, just reads it and analyzes it.


That's my first suggestion for your problem. If it doesn't solve the problem or you have difficulty with GSpot, please feel free to come back and get more help.




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