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Insert printing issue



When printing the jewel case inserts for audio CD's, the back page comes out larger than a standard CD case. The side artist and album name "spines" are pushed out further than the CD case. I'm also having trouble with the front/inside insert (just one folded page). Even though I cut along the lines, the paper is just a little bigger (top to bottom) than the front of the jewel case. I have to trim one side a bit more. How do I fix this? I'm using plain paper. Also, are there any cut icons like in CD Creator 5? That was a useful program. (Can't use 5 with Vista, so upgraded to 9.) Any insight will be appreciated.

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I have had the same problem, despite calibrating my HP Deskjet 5550c printer. In my case it is the front insert that needed snipping a bit. To workaround the problem, this is what I did.


The generic templates used with plain paper appear to be coded into the software, but the commercial templates are defined by .jwp files in the \Label Creator 9\Page Files folder. These are text files and can be read in Notepad. They include the information on height and width of the outlines.



Using some of the commercial templates to print just the outline of the front jewelcase insert (with plain paper in the printer), it appears that on my system the outline is consistently about 2 to 3 mm larger than the dimension set in the template.



For example using Avery 8954 Inserts.jwp for the front insert, the size shown in the template is 12.1 x 12.1, but the outline prints at about 12.3 x 12.3.



So, as a workaround I modified the size information in that template (after making a backup copy of the file and unchecking its read only attribute) and used it to print the front insert of the jewel case. With a bit of experimentation, I found that modifying the size from



Size = 12.1 12.1




Size = 11.8 11.8



the outline printed was 12.1 x 12.1 which fits snugly without buckling.


Although the template defines particular offsets that determine where on the page the outline prints, when using plain paper that is immaterial, so I have not modified those.



The same can be done for the back insert: select commercial, pick one of the offered options, modify the corresesponding file in the Page Files folder.



Of course, should you later switch to using the commercial paper whose template you modified, you might find it necessary to return to the original .jwp file.

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