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Burn Choices?



Newbie, just starting all this stuff (my god, so many symbols). I've made some backups with MTR, and am now looking to burn them off the hard drive onto some dvds. I have a +R DL drive, so am trying to decide which format is best for me.


Is this a correct statement: "If the primary concern is being able to play my backup dvds on almost any standalone dvd player I may come accross, then burning to DVD +R DL disks is the best choice." ??


If the backup I'm making is small enough such that no compression is needed and it would fit on a standard DVD -R disk, could I be confident that the disk would probably work on almost all dvd players out there I might find? (that is, is the compression of material the cause of incompatibility problems?)


Thanks, any help or links would be greatly appreciated.



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Rob, how many different DVD players do you have? I'm trying to imagine why you're concerned how many different players will play the backup. You still have the original in case the backup doesn't work.


The most common problem is media incompatibility, not how the disc was burned. If the movie requires a lot of compression to fit on a single-layer disc then you definitely should use DL media for those backups. But this is for quality reasons, not playback compatibility.


In other words, just use good quality media.

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