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Toast 6.1.1 Shows "no Recorder Found"



right after playing burned CD.

Had to eject CD using bent paperclip in SuperDrive access hole.

Running OS 10.4.4 on QuickSilver 877 with 1.5GB memory.

System Profiler shows Pioneer DVD-RW.

Trashed Toast prefs and reran 6.1.1 updater.

When I ran Verify/Repair Disk Permissions the dialog was different than I've seen before and stayed that way after repair.

For instance "We are using special permissions for the file or directory ./Applications/DVD Player.app/Contents/Resources/English.Iproj/AboutBox.nib/objects.xib. New permissions are 33204".

It lists about 33 DVD setting using the same 33204 permission and then about a gazillion listings for widgets with new permission 33188.

It also says using special gid (whatever that is) for ./System/Library/CoreServices/Dock.app/Contents/MacOSDock. New gid is 0.

Then special permissions for several ./usr/lib/php/build/






all with permission 33060.

I have repaired permissions many times but never had "We are using special permissions" before.

Still shows "No Recorder found".

Have had various problems before this new one.

System Profiler would say No Burner when Disc Burning selected.

Would not eject disc.

Various error dialog and numbers when verifying burned Maxcell and HP DVD-R discs.


Any ideas what the problem is?

Any help will be appreciated.



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I'm seeing those DVD Player, widgets and dock permissions when repairing permissions on my Macs as well. Some day I need to see what the deal is with those. But it isn't a factor in your problem.


Have you shut down your Mac, waited a couple minutes and then restarted? Does the drive play CDs or DVDs, but just not be available to record? My instinct tells me this is a hardware problem. You also might check posts at the forum for your Mac at www.discussions.apple.com

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