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Need suggestions on transcoding Tivo files



Hi, all. I'm pretty new to Roxio products & this is my first post here. I was leaning towards EMC9 after reading reviews of Nero 7 vs. Roxio 9. When I saw that Roxio had support for Tivo and Divx, that clinched it for me. Bought it a few weeks ago & am still playing around with it. I like a lot of the features, but it is taking some time to learn/tweak.


At any rate, my pet issue right now is with the quality of transcoded Tivo files. On my Series 2 DT Tivo, I record at the "High" setting, which I believe is 480x480 (always found that odd, but whatever). When I play that 'raw' Tivo file on my PC, it looks pretty good-- but for obvious reasons (e.g., file size), I want to either convert them to Divx or Xvid format, or burn to DVD.


Every time I've used Roxio to transcode a Tivo file (and I've used several output formats, all set to either 640x480 or 720x480), the resulting video is heavily pixellated. And of secondary concern, the resulting file size is a lot bigger than I would've expected (I'm guessing I would need to tweak the bitrates somehow to get it to a more manageable size).


I am guessing I should expect a little pixellation when the horizontal resolution has to be 'stretched' from 480 to 640, but this is horrible. Any suggestions?


And yes, I have read through the forums ;)





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