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Multiple Computer Registration





My first post and, I very much suspect, a very newbie post also. Believe me I've looked, which I'm not at all good at, and I can't find an answer.


I'm the proud possesor of a brand spanking new MacBook Pro 17" which I bought along with Toast 8. Installing that proved no problem.


I also own another, previous, computer, an - wait for it - eMac :lol: and but of course I want to install the same thing on that. I'd be very surprised if Roxio didn't allow that but stupid here is stymied. I plan to keep the eMac so it seems logical to want to do that. Both computers run 10.4.10 with the eMac having 768 DDR SDRAM and the Pro having a perfectly inadequate ;) 2 Gig.


Now I know that I'm going to slap my forehead with my hand when someone gives me the definitive answer, no doubt already asked many a time and oft, so please feel free to hear that slap all the way from downtown Oz, just north of Sydney. :(





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When you install the software, you are asked to agree with the License Agreement. If you bought a Single User License, then Roxio doesn't want you to install it on more than one computer, as stated in the agreement. If you bought a Volume License, then I guess you wouldn't have asked the question... ;)

Oh well, looks like I'm going to have to go and have an argument with Roxio.


If I don't win that one I'm sure and certain that I'll find a work-around but I'll try it the really legit way first. I live by myself, I have two computers one of which is a laptop, I just don't see the problem, I can't use the programme concurrently, I'm just not that clever.


Thanks for the info, cheers,



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Oh good. I've wanted to comment on Roxio's license agreement. The single-user license calls for one installation on one computer for one user, although a backup-only copy can be installed on a second computer. There is reference to a volume license yet I don't see any such license for sale in Roxio's store.


It's time for Roxio to update its license agreement to reflect what exists with many personal users today. It is common for users to have both a desktop and portable computer and the license should allow for installation and use on either (though not on both at the same time). Roxio also should offer an economical Family license upgrade the same as Apple does with iLife and iWork.


Whenever someone asks here about how to burn to two drives at the same time the response is to make a duplicate copy of Toast and assign each copy to a different drive. But I've never mentioned they need to buy another copy of Toast or they'll be in violation of the license agreement. Shame on me, but as long as this is a personal user for non-commercial purposes I think this should be allowed in the license.


Admittedly I don't know the struggle software developers have regarding license compliance. Still, I think its time for Sonic/Roxio to upgrade its EULA for Toast.

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