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Product Key PLEASE HELP!



I purchased roxio EMC9 yesterday and have been trying to use my dvd9, last night i could not connect to the webso couldnt activate it, now when i try it says


"UNsuccessful activation: there was aproblem activating your product. THis could be due to: an invalid key"


Idont undertsand when i payed so much for this program why it needs the internet to work all i want to do is burn a dvd :)


Could you please help asap as i needed to do this yesterday afternoon and have had nothing but problems since when this EMC is supposed to make everything easier really.


The reason for actvation is to activate mpeg2 or soemthing like that.


I have tryd amnual activation but there is NO prduct key in orange it is blank.

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I didnt even make those last 2 posts.

so obviously tech help doesnt even know what i shoudl do?

Well, unfortunately no one here is going to be able to help really, since this is just a user forum. Instead of trying their tech support, try their Customer Service number to see if they can help get you the activation code.
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2b honest of tech suppt cant help i doubt they will be able to. I jst hate the way they bugger off once theyve quoted everything to you. Me shouting at them down the phone wont solve anything unfortunatly.


All i want is a product key (one that works)

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I have tryd manual activation for my dvd9 (mpeg2) but it brings up no product key its just blank.



Can sumone plz help it already 24 hours after i bought this program and all i wanted to do was burn a dvd by yesterday afternoon. Its too late now but ive just spent £60 so i still want to use this program.

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Ok for sum reason when i try and activate myDVD9 it gives me a website to goto and says enter the following product key:.........then its just blank there is no product key.


So i cant get into the website to get my activation code.


I have spoken to tech support which advised me to do the following which i have done:


Uninstalled all roxio/sonic.

(using control panel/uninstall)


Removed google toolbar/desktop.

(using the same method)


Run msconfig and delselected all under startup/services

(then restarted PC)


Run Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.

(Removing ROXIO activation module and another roxio prog that was there)


Run roxi zap.

(although i think this if for diff prog it said somehting about roxio 4/5)

(then resarted PC)


Ive run 2 differnet registry cleaners Advanced Windows Care and Abexo.

(Deleting all and reparing.)


Restarted my PC.


Reinstalled EMC9 Suite.


Rechecked the Roxio icons in msconfig services (restarted)



After 3 attempts i still have no product key......



Theres gotta be a simple solution to this!


None of this is bringing up a product key?



(ps i am a vista user)

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