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"Import Failed" from MyDVD 5.2



I have been using Sonic Screenblast with MyDVD 5.2 and recently upgraded to MyDVD9. I have been able to successfully transfer SOME of the previous MyDVD projects from 5.2. However, other projects only capture 5 or 6 seconds of a 1 hour movie. Also any projects I have rendered on ScreenBlast since installing MyDVD9 come back as "Import Failed" when I try to import them. Any suggestions?


Could this be the Problem?

I do not have this computer (Sony VAIO purchased in 2006) hooked up to the internet so I have not installed any software upgrades. Roxio has sent the following messages: "Video Card is out of date: NVIDIA GeForce 6600" and "Your system requires a a Microsoft Update to Media Player to support .WMV files used in this application."


Also, when I render a movie in ScreenBlast it asks me if I would like to "Send to MyDVD". I click yes and it still goes to MyDVD 5.2. Is there any way I can send it directly to MyDVD 9 for authoring?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a deadline of next Monday for this project and I just need to put some chapters and menus to it for it to be complete...if I could only import it!


Thanks in advance for any help.

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