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For JVC GR_D270U 'Capture Entire Tape'



The 'Capture Entire Tape' button are greyed out.

how to enable this button.


HandiCam: JVC GR-D270U

using DV cable ( when iuse USB cable computer didn't recognize the handicam at all).


Please tell me any one how to use this 'Capture Entire Tape' with JVC GR-D270U

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Define what you are calling a 'DV' cable. Are you referring to firewire (1394)?


Procedure that I use with my Sony:

First connect the camcorder to PC with firewire.

Turn the camcorder on and you should hear a sound from Windows that it has recognized it. There will also be a small camcorder icon in the system tray.


If you do NOT heard the sound or the icon does NOT show up, then Media Import will NOT recognize the camcorder.


Then Launch Media Import 9

Click the Video TAB

Click on the device Drop down list

Select the camcorder - should say something like JVC DV Device

At this point, you should be able to control the tape in the camcorder using the VCR type buttons: FF, rewind, play, stop


BEFORE the capture button is available, you MUST:

Select a folder AND select the filename prefix. If either of these are blank, the capture button will NOT be available.

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