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Roxio 5 or Platinum


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Does anyone Have an extra copy of Roxio 5 or the platmun version? My computer crashed and need to reinstall it. My Software CD got lost in a move years ago, lol! If stores were selling it I would buy it again. But roxio aparently dicontinued it. But if you want to sell me your copy. I'm willing to pay for it. OR I would take a free copy as well :)

I need roxio 5 specifically because when I make a transition with 2 songs I need to "stitch" it to the milisecond. I actually baught roxio 7 a few years ago and now 9 and they don't have that feature, ugh! Unless I can't find that feature or not looking at advanse festures for thst action. What I do get is (for example) with roxio 7... I can transition songs with 5.5 seconds or 5.6 BUT not 5.52 or 5.68 seconds. I need to be presise to the millisecond. Roxio 5 had that. Any other roxio program does that? HELP!!!


I would still be very interested in buying roxio 5!!!


please help!

-Miracle Mix

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Try eBay or similar.





Thanks Lynn. That is a great idea! I'm sure I can buy Roxio 5 there. I just hope it is trustworthy. I will look for more advice and shop around on e-may or similar. I will confident that I will resolve this quickly.


Miracle Mixer

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