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Toshiba’s "New" Battery Charging Technology: 80% in One Minute

The Highlander

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Toshiba’s New Battery Charging Technology: 80% in One Minute


Everyone knows that the day they solve the battery bottleneck, is the day we really get cooking with technology. Today we all are held hostage by a host of electronic devices with limited battery life, a clogged jumble of chargers, and the endless beeping of these gadgets as they lose battery power. (Or is that just me?! )


So what of we are doomed to charging things daily for awhile? That’s what some smarty at Toshiba must have decided when he tackled the problem in a new way: make the charge time shorter. Much shorter.


“According to an announcement made today, Toshiba has improved on its existing Lithium Ion battery technology through the implementation of nanoparticles which aid in preventing the rapid disassembly of organic electrolytes witnessed in current batteries, allowing for rapid charging and a massive improvement in battery capacity loss over time.


“Toshiba claims its new battery is capable of obtaining a charge of 80% in as short time as a minute, and also produced test results showing that following a test cycle of 1,000 charges and depletions, the decrease seen in battery capacity was a mere 1%. Aiming to commercialize the technology in 2006, Toshiba did not comment on whether pricing levels for batteries based on the new technology would remain similar to current battery pricing.”



Read here: http://www.infosyncworld.com/news/n/5896.html

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