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Thanks for indication about 9.1 patch



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Of course hes not refering to 'days' in our use of the term he us using 'Roxio Days' which are different. You might compare this with 'comming soon' that was mentioned at the beginning of the year.

STILL awaiting refund...


If you're going to wait here for it, I hope you brought a good supply of food and drink cos you'll be waiting a very long time. None of us work for Roxio

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Note to all:

The new 9.1 patch is so close now that I can practically sniff it and taste it!

Don't give up hope. It is on the way!

P.S. If the new patch is not up and available within 60 days, I will eat my hat!


I cant imagine it would take nearly that long for the 9.1 update to come out. And with that, I am closing this thread down.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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