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Recording Online Audio Without A Soundcard



I have EMC9 and the Vista operating system and one of the features I was looking forward to using was to be able to record "any audio passing through the computer". I was hoping to preserve live music from DVDs and audio from various webcasts.


According to what I've been able to determine, a sound card is necessary for this and, according to the company I purchased the computer from (Gateway), I don't have a sound card but something called "integrated audio". Now I'm all for integration but does this mean that there is no way that I can preserve computer audio?


(I had been using rawavrecorder to capture streaming audio on my old computer but the one time I tried it in Vista it looked like it was working but turned out it was saving it to any file.)

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There is also software available that should work in Vista that can record streaming audio with an integrated sound card. One that comes to mind is Replay Radio which use to have a trial version available. I'm sure a google search can find many more.

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